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What is compounding?


Compounding is the creation of medications or dosage forms that are tailored to a patient's specific need.  Sometimes these needs do not match what is commercially available and compounding allows customization to better meet those individual needs.  Each compound is created for you specifically and can not begin until a prescription is presented to the pharmacy.  Because these medications are compounded at the pharmacy level and not prepared by a manufacturer, these medications often take longer to complete than "regular prescriptions".   Our compounding staff has been specially trained, and not many pharmacies can handle the complexity of the compounded prescriptions that we can.  As a result, many patients travel long distances to get their compounds through us.  While we strive to complete compounded prescriptions as quickly as possible, due to the complexity and time required, as well as the inability to know which compounds will be presented on any given day, it can take several hours or possibility even days for a given compound to be completed.  We always suggest patients allowing at least 48 hours notice for all compounded prescriptions, including refills.   

For more information about our available compounded products, please call 706-548-4444

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